Saturday, March 10, 2012

An embarrassment of riches . . .

At least that's what it is to this cheap girl. I got one for free and one for $3 at a garage sale.

First, the free one came from my sister. She gave me her old stereo shelf unit. It's an old IKEA laminated thing with a small cabinet door at the bottom and shelves above. It had a cardboard back with holes to punch out where your stereo cords would be threaded.

I accepted her gift graciously because I thought I could upcycle it into a sheet music shelf. It's just the right width to hold sheet music and music books and just the right height to sit beside my piano.

My plan is to paint it black and replace the cardboard backing with a more substantial back that I can then decoupage with old sheet music.

Then at last week's garage sales I found a similar shelf unit for $3, not quite as wide and a little taller. Again, the back was just a cardboard material that had been ruined. This one had a small drawer at the top and was probably originally intended to go in a bathroom. It was in excellent condition except for the back, and I believe at one time it probably had a cabinet door across the front.

Anyway, it too is the perfect width to be a music shelf.

So now I have my choice. I'm going to transform both of them. I probably won't paint the white one since it is in good condition, but both units will get new backs that I'll decoupage with old sheet music. Then whichever one I like the best I will keep. The other will probably get sold to the parent of one of my piano students.

Stay tuned for the transformation.

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