Thursday, August 9, 2012

Any Press Is Good Press

I may be basking in the sun on the beach, but I'm also basking in the limelight.

By day I'm mild-mannered but crazy blogger, Peggy M. who is crafting and re-decorating her way through life. By night, I'm Maggie Mae, crazy jewelry-maker who is starting to let go of a few pieces by selling them to unwitting consumers who are crazy enough to like her designs.

Check out the link below to the local rag on Block Island. It's a little article about yours truly selling a few baubles at the local farmers' market (wait . . . is that old-lady-under-arm-fat?! Makeup!)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Reporting from the beach

My goal for the summer was to come out to Block Island, help my friends with their B&B, sell a little jewelry and get lots of pictures taken, blogs written and posted, web pages composed, etc.

My other goal was to surpass 100 blog members and see the last of my Newbie Linky Parties at Debbiedoo's by the end of July.

Well, I'm definitely a little late getting to 100 blog members, I haven't posted since early July, and my friends have complained that I haven't even posted pics of the island on Facebook.

I have only one defense.


If you are one of my landlocked friends, consider this your "rubbing-it-in-your-face" moment.

But I've been busy too. I have graciously accepted my friend Diane's challenge to incorporate pieces of her Aunt Helen's costume jewelry into my jewelry. This box of sparkly treasures has been a ton of fun to clean and sift through.

A beautiful fish brooch loaded with marcasite adorns an asymmetrical piece with contemporary matte finish glass pearls and silver chains.

Sparkly little earrings that have lost their mates hang from vintage chains to become dainty necklaces.

A seemingly gaudy earring from the 50s or 60s becomes the centerpiece of an ornate necklace surrounded by contemporary glass beads.

A 70s copper choker collar (real copper, so not for the dainty or faint of heart) gets combined with glass crystals and simple chains.

I'm also finally using those vintage crystal chandelier pieces that I picked up in a Newport, RI antique store.

So with this post, I say goodbye to the unofficial official designation of newbie blogger and become "just another one of the guys" in this vast world of crafty bloggers. I hope you'll still come visit me from time to time. And I promise I'll do better at keeping in touch once I'm not distracted by the beach that daily calls my name.

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