Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pictures are worth a couple words anyway

I don't think I'm ready to reveal the decoupaged piece yet. It's turning out really nice and I want to kinda savor the moment. Plus, it doesn't have enough layers of finish on it yet.

Decoupaging is like a zen thing. You have to be patient to get through the process. You have to let it dry, go back to it, hit it again with the decoupage medium or other finish. Then wait. Then go back and hit it again. Then wait. Then go back again. Then wait some more. Sometimes I end up working on them for days until I get just the right amount of finish on.

If you recall my previous post, I gave you a hint as to what the jewelry armoire might look like in the end. The hint pic included a print of an Henri Matisse painting done very late in his life. Here's another pic to tease you. The Matisse print is now firmly Mod Podged to the jewelry armoire. I believe it's Matisse's wife in the painting, but I'm not positive about that.

As I said in my opening post, I am not an artist. I didn't go to school for art history and I do not lay any claims to being an artist of any sort. That does not mean, however, that I don't enjoy and appreciate art. And one of the artists that appeals to me is Matisse. The simplicity of his later work, particularly, and the fact that he winds up "cutting and pasting" in his advanced years, one of my favorite activities (thus the decoupage!), just endears him to me even more.

And when I look at Matisse's representations of women, I think he really must have loved women. His paintings and drawings of women seem so loving and generous.

So this print is what inspired the direction of this decoupage project. This print sent me to the basement to search for yellow paint, a very bright golden yellow paint. So this piece is definitely gonna be bright.

And it will have a name. It's going to be the Frenchmen Love Women Jewelry Armoire!

Check back tomorrow for the reveal!

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