Friday, February 24, 2012

It's a sickness really

So my sister calls me from IKEA last weekend--mind you IKEA is two hours away so this isn't just a jaunt across town--to tell me she is buying new storage solutions for her house.

Specifically, she's buying a bookshelf to replace the tired old laminate unit that currently holds her large 80s amplifier, CD player, and Bose speakers. She's asking how to get rid of the stereo. I suggest taking it to our local Music-Go-Round store that buys used musical stuff from instruments to old speakers, amplifiers, etc.

Then she asks if I would be interested in taking the shelving unit that stereo is in.

Guess how long I thought about it.

Yeah, like thinking ever got me anywhere. Snatched it up like a hungry puppy I did. This old piece of crap--near as my sister could figure, it originally came from IKEA some years ago--has been housing her 80s stereo since the 90s. It has tape marks from when she probably put duct tape on it during a moving process. It has holes in the back where the cords for the stereo components went through, two adjustable shelves and a bottom cabinet with a door. Definitely a piece of crap.

But just look at it . . . poor little thing. it just needs some love (read: paint) and care (read: decoupage) to make it useful and beautiful again.

And I have a need. No really. I need something in my living room to put piano music, sheet music and vocal songbooks in. If you play the piano, you know that music does not fit on a traditional bookshelf. Those of us who play and teach are always looking for storage solutions for music. File cabinets can be very practical for this use, but not when your studio is in the middle of your living room. I need something that says, "Hi, I'm a nice piece of furniture that also happens to hold music."

Once in a great while, I'll see a beautiful antique piece built specifically to hold sheet music. Those pieces are usually from the Victorian era or are art nouveau. Beautiful pieces but usually smaller with spindly legs that wouldn't hold a ton of music.

This bad boy is gonna hold a bunch. A new back piece, some sanding and priming. And I do believe some decoupaging may be in order.

Woohoo! Project!

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