Friday, February 3, 2012

I even thrift to make jewelry

My big secret is that, besides all the crafting for home decor and housewares, remodeling, and gardening, I also make jewelry. And even with jewelry, I cannot resist thrifting and re-using old and vintage jewelry, baubles, beads, etc. I love coming upon a pile of costume necklaces at a garage sale that just looks like a pile of crap. Somewhere in there are usually some pretty good fake pearls or crystals, or even mid-century plastic "glass" beads, which actually catch light, unlike today's plastic.

I take this "crap" home and pull it apart and store it for a rainy day.

Last night was a rainy day.

These days my typical evening looks like this (in this order): 

  1. Eat dinner (I do cook for myself even though it's just me; let's face it, it's healthier).
  2. Watch any mind-numbing television I feel compelled to watch (there's not much on that interests me besides Modern Family, American Pickers [duh], reruns of 30 Rock, and Pawn Stars.
  3. When TV fails me, I turn on some talking heads (news, not the band from the 80s) real loud, and . . . 
  4. Head to my craft room to make JEWELRY.

Last night I made these heart bracelets in honor of Valentine's Day. The hearts and findings for these came from JoAnn's, but all the beads are from vintage or old jewelry that I take apart and re-use.

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