Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The 80s called; they want 'em back

I saw some cute legwarmers on Pinterest and I just couldn't resist trying to make some for myself.

I can't take credit for this idea. This is from mrsfleury at split the lark and you'll find the music. There's a tutorial included at this site so I won't bother repeating her instructions. Bless her heart, her dainty little legs (or the legs of whoever is modeling them) wear them much better than my big ole honkin' calves.

But if you're anything like me and you find yourself at the thrift store YET AGAIN looking at old sweaters and saying “gee, what can I do with this,” then you are always on the lookout for ideas like this one.

Not much to it. I bought the sweater for $1.99 and the scarf for $99. So this is an under $3 project.

The girl at the thrift store checkout was like, “that's a nice sweater,” and I said, “not for long; I'm gonna cut it up.” She almost boohoo'd a little and reiterated, “but that's a nice sweater.”

Oh well, missy. Some sweaters are destined to be slashed.

So I cut the arms off, cut the scarf in two, threaded it as per the instructions, then tried these bad boys on.

I was so excited about these legwarmers that I immediately texted my sisters and niece saying “I just did the cutest craft ever! Look at my new legwarmers!” and sent a picture of them.

The only response I got back was this:

“The 80s called; they want 'em back.”

Still, they'll work good for my winter hikes.

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